Take customer engagement and analytics to next level

SurveyMAX is the next generation of customer satisfaction and feedback analytics system with a beautifully designed mobile application running on android tablets and iPads and a highly intelligent analytics backend application. Well suited for multiple outlets with dynamic feedback choices and form autofill options. The feedback questions can be controlled from the admin easily and updated in real time.

Customize the design, configure the feedback options and be up and running almost immediately. Experience our proactive support whenever you need it.

surveyMAX application
  • Engage with customers and know exactly what they feel about your products and services, what they want from your business and how the business is performing
  • Gather customer data for marketing
  • Increase motivation and competitiveness of your employees by easily comparing store-wise performances
  • Let customers rate the employees who served them
  • Run promotional campaigns and interactive games right from SurveyMAX
  • Analyze the data in real time to take proactive measures
survey solution