Sales Tracker POS Retail

The “Close to Real Time” mechanism allows multiple locations to access the same information and remain in-sync regarding sales and inventory numbers. This makes F5 a leading POS system offering retail inventory management with a method that allows smooth operation even at times when the Internet is down. The control center dashboard allows merchants to toggle features on and on to meet the demands of the business and have them be put into elect immediately without the need to restart the computer or application. F5’s flexibility provides the retailer an environment that its a business’ need to operate in real-time.

erp solution
  • Shift Handling
  • Barcode Management
  • Price Checking
  • Hold and Recall Bill
  • Cash in Cash Out
  • No Sale
  • Duplicate Bill
  • Item Searching
  • Customer Selection
  • Multiple Payment
  • Controlled Discount
  • Automated Emails
  • Sales Return
  • Return Settlement
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